Wood Pellet

Wood Pellet

Wood Pellet

Wood pellet has been in the renewable energy market for many years. Perhaps it is one of the key biomass commodities in the market.

In the wood sawing process, saw dust is generated.  Saw dust is collected and going through pelleting process becomes wood pellet. Most of our wood pellet has been exported to overseas market especially Japan and Europe.  Even though wood resources are getting scarcity but there are still one of the biomass commodities.

Main Application for Wood Pellet

Wood pellet can be used in various applications from power plant industry to household application.

  • Power Plant
  • Boiler
  • House Hold BBQ
  • Centralize steam boiler

Specification for Wood Pellet

  • Moisture < 12%
  • Ash Content < 3%
  • Volatile Material = 75%
  • Heat Energy = 4000 kcal/kg

Dimension of Wood Pellet

Wood pellet is started from 6mm diameter and now we had successfully launched 8mm wood pellet.  User has more choices for wood pellet.

  • Diameter : 6 and 8mm
  • Length : < 30mm

Packaging for Wood Pellet

  • Jumbo bag: 700-800kg/bag
  • MOQ : 30MT

Advantage for Wood Pellet

Low moisture to improve burning and transport effectiveness

Moisture of wood pellet is controlled within 12%.  The low moisture has promoted to deliver a higher heat capacity.

High Heating Energy and efficiency

The wood pellet will thoroughly burn out during the burning process.  The ash content of wood pellet is less than 3%.  Due to low ash content, the power plant could save a lot of effort in cleaning process.

Easy handling and storage

The wood pellet will pack in a jumbo bag with weight around 700-800kg per bag.  We are able to store 20-23MT of wood pellet in a 20ft container.

Easy Control and Broad application

Pellet size is small in dimension and easy for repack if house-hold application is needed.  Some of the pellet is repacked into convenient bag size in order selling to end user for BBQ burning substance.

Suitable for most boiler grating system

Wood pellet normally comes in both 6mm and 8mm diameter.  The length of wood pellet at the range 20-30mm.  This is also a suitable dimension for most of the boiler input grate.

Low to No smoke Generate during the combustion process

Air pollution is one of the hot topics that always draw many users’ attention.  One of the significant advantages for wood pellet is emitted low to no smoke during the combustion process, which means very minimum particulate being discharge to the air.