About DST Technology

DST Technology is a Malaysia pellet manufacturer, we also supplying biomass commodity and it derivative biofuel products such as EFB pellet, saw dust pellet.

DST Technology

DST Technology

Biomass has gained it status after being recognized as a renewable energy.  Wood-chip is the renewable biomass source at early stage and currently palm kernel shell and shredded EFB fibre or EFB fiber are the common biomass commodity for Malaysia market.  In DST Technology, we do trade these raw biomass commodities.

Through our trading experience, we learned that raw biomass commodity is suitable for local market however it may not suitable for overseas market.  Especially most of the biomass is high in moisture and bulk in size.  These 2 factors are the major obstacle for applying the commodity to overseas market.

DST Biofuel Products

In order to overcome high moisture and bulk in size for transport, DST Technology has invested in palletize process.  Both EFB pellet and saw dust pellet have become the main biofuel resources in our product list.  Together with palm kernel shell, currently DST has 3 major biofuel products targeted for overseas market, namely palm kernel shell, EFB pellet & saw dust pellet.

Advantages for DST Biofuel Products

EFB pellet and saw dust pellet are the 2 manufactured biofuel resources products make in Malaysia using the local available raw material, these 2 pellets also classified as renewable energy.

DST has an affirmative quality raw material supply that we are could focus in pellet manufacturing.  Currently DST has 2,000 ton capacity and we are looking the opportunity working with overseas buyer for promoting EFB pellet.

We welcome any party who is interested in biomass commodity, EFB pellet, Saw dust pellet and palm kernel shell.  Feel free leaving a message at Contact DST.