Biofuel Products

Biofuel resource has never been as important as of now.  Pellets fuel has increased it popularity in biomass boiler application during recent years.  Many applications have shown and proof that pellets fuel is an effective bio fuel for replacing wood chip.

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet

The size and structure of biomass pellet fuel is making it ease for many application, either industry biomass boiler or household stove.  With such application, we are seeing the increase demand on biofuel pellet and resources.

Properties of Biofuel Pellet Resource

Biomass pellet fuel in general is a better energy fuel as compare to it raw material form.  Pellet is more energy dense as well as easy for material handling.  A standardize pellet biomass fuels is always welcome for most of the automated feed system.

The bio fuel pellets come in cylindrical shape with 6-10mm diameter and length around 20-40mm.  Further more, the biomass pellet is coming in hard and dry form.  The hard and dry circumstance has make bio fuel pellet suitable for handling and transportation.  The dense and dry properties have made more effective on energy deliver per shipment cost.

Low ash content is another strong reason for bio fuel pellet to be used as an effective biomass material.  In general, our bio fuel pellet is having ash content less than 2% some even could achieve below 1%.  In most cases, raw feedstock always generate much high ash content (5-10%) which may cause other challenge to the burning stove or boiler surface.

Availability of Bio fuel pellet

Saw Dust Pellet

Saw Dust Pellet

DST Technology is a bio fuel company, we are manufacturing and supplying wide range of bio fuel products, that suitable for delivering energy to the process.  Saw dust pellet is one of the commonly seen biomass pellet fuel, apart from saw dust pellet, we do have EFB pellet.

Palm kernel shell is the byproduct form palm oil industry.  The black colour, hard and high carbon content could be observed as a nature biomass pellet.  Unfortunately palm kernel shell (PKS) has become scarcity as the demand is growing.

We would say coconut shell is the early generation of bio fuel pellet.  The coconut shell has dominated the market before palm kernel shell playing in the biomass role.  Currently coconut shell has become the major raw material for certain products.

Biomass Briquette as a New Biofuel Commodity

Smaller size of biomass pellet all the while is the main product for biomass market.  Now we have more choices as biomass briquette is also widely used in biomass power plant.  In Malaysia, most of the biomass briquette is manufacture from palm fiber, sometime we also name after as palm fiber briquette.

Palm fiber briquette is larger in size and most suitable for biomass power plant.

Resource for Biofuel Pellet

DST Technology has more than 10 years in supplying biomass products to the market and we have a strong base of the biomass raw feedstock.  On the other hand, we are moving one step forward by providing wide array of biomass pellet as another alternative biofuel source to our customer.

Bio fuel pellets is an alternative energy and perhaps it also classified as renewable energy.  We are expecting the needs and growth of biofuel pellets.  As a biofuel resource company, DST is committed to this industry and welcomes any suggestion or interaction with the industry.  You are welcome to contact DST on any interested on biofuel resource.