Palm Fiber Briquette

Palm Fiber Briquette

Palm fiber briquette is the compressed palm fiber from briquette machine.  Palm fiber is one of the common biomass commodities in Malaysia.  Unfortunately the raw palm fibre is not favourable

Palm Fibre Briquette - Biomass Briquette

Palm Fibre Briquette – Biomass Briquette

for transporting purpose especially for oversea market.

In order to expand the palm fiber market share, now we have our latest biomass product, palm fiber briquette.  Palm fibre briquette is a biomass briquette which aiming for biomass power plant and industry biomass boiler.

Main Application for Palm Fibre Briquette

Palm fiber briquette comes in larger size than pellet.  The diameter for a biomass briquette is 70mm, and length is between 80mm to 130mm.

Due to the palm fiber briquette size, the briquette is most suitable for biomass power plant.  Or biomass boiler engineer should confirm the material input grate is suitable for this briquette size.

The palm fiber briquette also can be used for industry biomass boiler.

Specification for Palm Fiber Briquette

Even though palm fiber briquette is providing lower calorific value as compare to palm kernel shell or EFB pellet, however the mass of briquette is a good material for retaining heat in the boiler.  Here is several key specifications.

  • Calorific value: 3800kcal/kg
  • Moisture: <15%
  • Ash: 3.8%
  • Volatile matter: 80%
  • Fixed Carbon: 15%
  • Sulfur: 22mg/kg

Dimension: of Palm Fiber Briquette

  • Diameter : 70mm
  • Length : 80-150mm

Packaging of Palm Fiber Briquette

  • Jumbo bag: 650kg/bag
  • MOQ: 30MT

Advantage of Palm Fiber Briquette

  • Pressed palm fiber briquette is favourable for shipping especially for oversea market.
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Suitable for biomass power plant or industry biomass boiler.
  • Acceptable heating energy with the capability of retaining heat in the boiler.