Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut shell powder is the grinded powder from the source of coconut shell.  Coconut shell is the inner core of a coconut fruit.  After the coconut juice and fresh being removed, a coconut shell is left over.  One of the applications for coconut shell is grinded becomes coconut shell powder.

The brown colour coconut shell powder has the properties of coconut shell but with difference application.  DST supply organic coconut shell powder which has having an uniformity and homogeneous powder finest.  Our shell powder is manufacture and sieve through 100 mesh.

Coconut shell powder is having a huge application such as mixing in plywood and also laminate board.  It also one of the main ingredient of mosquito coil.  Currently we also seeing organic coconut shell powder added in the polymer for improving the material strength and properties.

Introduction of Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut shell powder is an organic substance with user friendly to human being.  The coconut shell powder will not cause skin irritation even with digestion.  However the powder form nature is always recommend wearing face-mask and goggles while come to practical handling especially during industry used process.

Our coconut shell powder is manufacture from coconut shell without adding any other substance; it is organic, heavy metal free and chemical free.  The coconut shell powder is brown in colour, insoluble in water and odorless.

Specification for Coconut Shell Powder

  • Appearance: Light Brown colour
  • Raw Material: Coconut Shell
  • Mesh # = 100
  • Moisture < 12%
  • Density: 0.6 -0.7 g/cc
  • Ash Content < 2%

Coconut Shell Powder Packaging

  • Weight = 50kg
  • Packing Bag = PP bag

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