Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell

Coconut has been one of the main agriculture product in Malaysia since sometime ago, the coconut milk or we name as “santan” is one the important ingredient for curry cooking.  Coconut shell is discarded by-product which will be salvaged for biomass purpose to dry food or substance.  The food being dried with coconut shell will also come along with the unique coconut flavour.

Know More About Coconut Shell

Due to Malaysia government promotion of oil palm agriculture, many coconut plantations have been converted to oil palm plantation start from 20 years ago.  Since then the amount of coconut shell also shrinking.

The biomass purpose for coconut shell has been replaced by palm kernel shell and other commodity such as EFB pellet.  Most of the coconut will go through “Drum method” to yield coconut shell charcoal.  Coconut shell also can go through grinding process to powder form for manufacture granular activated carbon.

Main Application of Coconut Shell

Coconut shell has 2 major applications apart from biomass purpose, namely coconut shell charcoal and granular activated carbon.  The porous structure of coconut shell charcoal has become a good source of trapping the bad smell from the environment.  The granular activated carbon even used in water filtration system.

Coconut shell powder is another used of coconut shell.  The coconut shell will be grind and sieve for achieving certain finest criteria.  Coconut shell powder is an critical organic additive for improve properties characteristic, mosquito coil.

Specification of Coconut Shell

Coconut shell is the raw shell substance.  It is chopped and broken in pieces.

  • Moisture: 15%
  • Ash Content: 4-5%
  • Calorific Value: 3500-4000kcal/kg

Packaging of Coconut Shell

The coconut shell will come in raw form without additional packaging.

Advantage of Coconut Shell

Coconut shell becomes scarcity commodity.  Currently most of the coconut shell has used as activated carbon for filtration.

Malaysia is one of the main coconut crop plantation and coconut shell supply country.  DST is located in strategic location that we have become one of the key coconut supplier in Malaysia.  Kindly write to DST for any inquiry about coconut shell needs.