The Choices for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy all the while is the main topic in the energy sector. With the technology development, many have thought that we should have built an alternative other than fossil fuel.

No doubt, we are seeing many choices for energy sources unfortunately we are still far behind in practical application. In this article, we are going to analyze the pro and cons of this century’s energy topic.

Renewable Energy is always drawing everybody’s attention, however, it comes along with great challenges too! The aspect from Technical, Cost, and Management.

Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy

Currently, most of the energy source is coming either from petroleum or coal. Both are derived from fossil fuels which classify under non-renewable products.

Petroleum products have supported a decade of industrial development. This is the moment for us to explore cleaner energy and becomes a sustainable energy source for us to live on the planet.

Features for Renewable Energy

A renewable energy is having below characters:

Nuclear Plant
Nuclear Plant
  1. Generate via renewable resources.
  2. Cleaner in terms of less CO2 and dust emission.
  3. Sustainable energy sources.
  4. Replenish naturally and constantly.

As we are aware, air pollution is one of the severe environmental challenges. This is because particulate and CO2 are generated and emitted into the air. Attention and hope are placed on the greener and sustainable new energy source.

Renewable Energy Choices

Coal and petroleum products consider as non-renewable products, so renewable sources are.

  1. Solar Energy.
  2. Wind Power Energy.
  3. Hydropower.
  4. Bioenergy, such as Biomass.
  5. Nuclear Energy.

There are several sectors besides the above. However, the emphasis is on the above 5 sectors. By quick glance, these 5 sectors are having a good prospect, unfortunately, there are many technical barriers which need to overcome.

The Challenges for New Energy Source

Adapting a new energy source requires support from every aspect. Here are a few challenges which currently the engineering is working on it.

Power Grid
Power Grid
  1. Solar energy. This is clean and green energy. Many places with long-hour sun exposure are suitable for installing solar panels. The challenge for Solar Energy includes a) energy storage; b) High solar panel cost.
  2. Wind Power Energy. Wind blow is the resultant of airflow. Installing an air turbine to collect the energy from the airflow. We are facing a similar restriction as solar energy as we mentioned earlier. Furthermore, the setting up of wind turbine stands will affect the local airflow pattern.
  3. Hydropower. This is the powerful energy derives from fast-moving or falling water. The China Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower station in the world. Unfortunately, the capacity of hydropower is far less for our needs. Dam fabricating and maintaining is a huge cost too!
  4. Bioenergy. Bioenergy may not consider green energy however it turns the biomass into an energy source. It still classifies as a renewable energy source.
  5. Nuclear Energy. Nuclear power is a huge energy source, it is a zero-emission and also sustainable energy source. The challenges come from nuclear power control and operation management control. Nuclear leaks and radiation incidents are still the main concern.

The Energy Prospect

The development of renewable energy is under on-going mode for 10 years or even more. Even though fossil fuel is still the main energy source for now but the contribution of renewable energy is increasing through-out the year.

In general, there are still many challenging for renewable energy especially the cost is still higher compared to the energy generated from fossil fuel. The challenges include:

  1. Combine the new energy into the existing power grid.
  2. Reduce the power transmission loss.
  3. Improve the power storage capability and capacity.

There is no quick fix for renewable energy but we have to work in this direction. Not only we need the explore new energy sources but also fulfill the CO2 emission control.

We are the main biomass supplier in Malaysia and we will stay very positive in terms of renewable energy prospects.

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