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CL Chuah is the Marketing Director for DST Technology for Biofuel Resource. You are welcome to get connect with Chuah.

Implementing Green Energy in our Daily Life

Implementing Green Energy

Many articles were mentioning about implementing green energy for achieving carbon neutrality. Unfortunately, we are ambiguous about the implementation. We have discussed carbon neutrality in many articles, now we want to talk about the approach to achieve carbon neutrality. One of the strategies is switching the energy source from coal to green energy, but this […]

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The Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality

You should have noticed that many countries already started talking about carbon neutrality. Europe already made an announcement that they want to achieve carbon neutrality in the year 2050. Whereby the China government also announced achieving carbon neutrality in the year 2060. Many should have said that there are at least 30 years from now, […]

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The Choices for Renewable Energy

Power Grid

Renewable energy all the while is the main topic in the energy sector. With the technology development, many have thought that we should have built an alternative other than fossil fuel. No doubt, we are seeing many choices for energy sources unfortunately we are still far behind in practical application. In this article, we are […]

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About Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a common substance used in water treatment. Home use water filtration system or industry use water treatment plant also consist of activated carbon. Categories of Activated Carbon There are many organic substances found in nature can be processed and converted to activated carbon. To your surprise, I have seen some activated carbon […]

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EFB Pelletization Process

Biofuel pellet is increasing it demand and application.  In order to cope with the increase demand, many raw feed stock materials have explored becoming biomass pellet.   In this article, we are elaborating the pelletization process by using EFB pellet as an example to reader who is interested to understand this process. 1. Preparation Before Pelleting […]

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EFB Pellet Moisture vs. Calorific Value

Moisture is one of the intrinsic nature for any of the biomass substance.  The EFB pellet moisture is the important parameter affecting the calorific value.  Base on difference biomass material, it may consist difference moisture level which eventually affecting the net calorific value.  For instance a Shredded EFB fibre always consist moisture around 60%.  On […]

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