EFB Pelletization Process

Pelletization Process

Pelletization Process

Biofuel pellet is increasing it demand and application.  In order to cope with the increase demand, many raw feed stock materials have explored becoming biomass pellet.   In this article, we are elaborating the pelletization process by using EFB pellet as an example to reader who is interested to understand this process.

1. Preparation Before Pelleting

The shredded EFB fibre is the raw material from palm oil factory.  The shredded EFB fibre may reach up to 200mm in length.  The long length of EFB Fibre is not suitable for pelletization process.

The first step of pelletization process is grinding.  The shredded EFB pellet will go through the grinding process to grind to shorter length, in most cases, the grinded length should reach 3mm or shorter.

2. Drying the Grinded Fibre

Due to the nature of Shredded EFB fibre, the grinded fibre also consist high moisture content, around 50-60%.  The grinded fibre will send for drying to the suitable moisture level.

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet

The moisture content is the important parameter for pelletization process.   The Grinded EFB fibre need to maintain 10-15% moisture level in order to produce quality pellet.

3. Pelleting process

The dry fibre will send for pelleting machine.  There are not additional binder adds requires during pelleting process.

The EFB pellet is in dense form, hard surface and high temperature right after extruded from the pelleting machine.

4. Pellet Cooler Machine

The hot EFB pellet will transfer to the cooler for removing the surface temperature, the hot heat will be absorb and discharge.

From machinery design, the hot air removing from the post extruded pellet will send for drying purpose.

5. Pellet Packing Mechanism

The EFB pellet will send to packaging.  In our case, the EFB pellet is packed under jumbo bag form. Every jumbo bag weight around 800kg, this is mainly for easy handling purpose.

EFB Pelletization process is a simple, it mainly contributes by 5 major processes, namely 1) Grinding; 2) Drying; 3) Pelleting; 4) Cooling; 5) Packaging.  However manufacturer needs to wisely control the process in order to deliver quality product.

A quality EFB pellet is hard in surface, not easy broken, smooth and shinny surface.  Kindly contact DST Technology for any interested in EFB pellet.

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