Palm Pellet Choices

There are many variety of palm pellet available in biomass market, namely EFB pellet, Mesocarp pellet, oil palm tree trunk pellet.  Among all, EFB pellet is widely known in the market.  Apart from the palm pellet, there is also palm briquette.

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet

The differences of Palm Pellet

The main difference for various type of palm pellet is named after difference raw material used.

EFB Pellet.

The raw material for EFB pellet is empty fruit bunch discarded from crude palm oil mill.

Mesocarp pellet.

Mesocarp is not a commonly know term by majority.  Mesocarp fibre stands for the fibre from the oil palm fruit.  This is a short fibre.

Trunk pellet.

The raw material is oil palm tree trunk after demolish from the oil palm estate.  In ordinary condition, oil palm estate will carry out re-planting after the oil palm tree reach 20 years, the demolish palm tree trunk can also send to pelleting factory for doing trunk pellet.

Palm Pellet Pelleting Process

Regardless any oil palm waste material, the waste will go through series a comprehensive pelleting process in order to manufacture quality pellet product.  The pelleting process could be simplified to crushing, drying, pelleting, cooling and packing.  For details elaboration, please refer to palm pellet pelleting process.

Why Malaysia becomes Famous Palm Pellet Manufacturer

Malaysia is a country with rich of oil palm product.  EFB contribute the major portion of overall oil palm waste.  There is 20 million ton of EFB available in Malaysia, most of the abundance EFB being used as raw biomass material or retrieving long fibre for mattress or fibre board.

Due to the constrain and increase in fossil fuel price, we are seeing the needs for converting EFB into palm pellet.  Palm pellet is a more efficient heating energy compare to raw EFB.  There are several well establish palm pellet manufacturer in Malaysia and we estimate 1 million ton of palm pellet per year suppling to the market.

Apart from the raw material availability, technical and R&D are another 2 major factors making Malaysia a palm pellet manufacturer in this district.  Malaysia government or MPOB has invested substantial amount every year in researching and developing new application.

Oil palm waste has becomes an importance biomass commodity and it derivative product such as EFB fibre, palm pellet, palm briquette will more suitable for oversea market.  Palm fibre contribute a huge portion of biomass energy in Malaysia.

DST is supplying biomass commodity such as palm pellet, efb pellet, palm briquette and palm kernel shell to worldwide market.  We welcome any enquiry about your biomass needs.

12 responses to “Palm Pellet Choices”

  1. We are interested to import EFB Pellets and Palm Pellets in a big quantity for India market. Kindly revert back with your Specifications and Prices CIF Nhava Sheva port.

  2. We are interested to Import EFB Pellets and Palm Pellets for India market in a big quantity. Kindly revert back with your Specifications and Prices CIF Nhava Sheva Port.

  3. Henry Kim says:

    We are renewable energy company in Korea. Our clients who is local utility companies are interested in biomass pellet product in large volume. we would like to have price of EFB pellet or other types of pellet not briquette.

    And sample availability for local testing

    Look forward ot hearing from you soon

    Thanks / Henry

    • nuri bakhtiar says:

      hi henry u still interested import efb pallet?nuri bakhtiar

    • Ice Tok says:

      Dear Sir,
      I’m Ice from Home Metal Industries Sdn Bhd, we are factory of EFB pellets in Malaysia.
      if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to ask us.


  4. Harish says:


    I would like to know more about palm pellets manufacturing process.
    Can you please explain me the difference between palm pellet and raw EFB.
    I am interested to start manufacturing unit with the palm waste as we are surrounded by huge palm fields. Please provide us your contact no.


    • clchuah says:

      EFB stand for Empty Fruit Bunch. We are using the EFB fibre as the raw material and go through pelletize process for EFB pellet. Some people call EFB pellet as palm pellet as the raw material comes from oil palm tree.

  5. Harish says:

    Hello Clchuah,

    Thanks for reply. I will like to market you product in India. If you are interested please contact me on below


  6. Todd Bokich says:

    I am interested in Trunk pellets to use for a project we have in the US. Please contact me so we can discuss this farther
    Thank you

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