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EFB Pellet to Replace Wood Pellet?

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet is not a new biomass product available in the market.  It has been promote in the market to act as another alternative of biomass commodity.  Unfortunately EFB pellet still not widely accept by most buyer. In this article, we will review the basic differences for EFB pellet vs. wood pellet.  Further more, we […]

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Overview of Biomass in Malaysia

While we are moving toward urbanization and looking for better living standard, this has lead the increasing demand in energy.  This also apply to Malaysia.  In order to fulfill the energy gap, Malaysia government has come out several counter measures to encourage the use of renewable energy, this include biomass energy.  Biomass in Malaysia has […]

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Latest EFB Briquette

DST has committed in renewable energy sector at Malaysia, we has set our target to provide more choices for biomass energy resources to local and worldwide market.  We have heavily involved in supplying of EFB pellet, saw dust pellet and biomass palm briquette.  On the other hand, we do study with the customer need in […]

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Biomass Glossary

Anaerobic digestion: Degradation of organic matter by microbes in the absence of oxygen to produce methane and carbon dioxide Bagasse: Residue remaining after extracting a sugar-containing juice from plants like sugar cane Biodiesel: A biodegradable transportation fuel for use in diesel engines. Biodiesel is produced through the transesterification of organically-derived oils or fats. It may […]

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Palm Pellet Choices

There are many variety of palm pellet available in biomass market, namely EFB pellet, Mesocarp pellet, oil palm tree trunk pellet.  Among all, EFB pellet is widely known in the market.  Apart from the palm pellet, there is also palm briquette. The differences of Palm Pellet The main difference for various type of palm pellet […]

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Biomass Energy Resource from Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is a fossil fuel export country, but this does not stop the country from committing in developing renewable energy.  Malaysia is a country rich in biomass energy resource, many materials can easily convert to biomass. There are several common biomass renewable energy in Malaysia, such as palm pellet, EFB pellet, EFB, palm […]

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Malaysia Pellet Supplier

There are many pellet manufacturers and supplier in the world, this include Malaysia.  Malaysia is a country with resourceful of renewable energy commodity, such as EFB fibre, saw dust, straw, rice husk and wood chip.  This has make Malaysia a source of pellet supplier. Empty fruit bunch or EFB has only be used as Malaysia […]

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Well Know EFB Pellet Manufacturer in Malaysia

Empty fruit bunch or EFB is one of the common biomass commodity in Malaysia. Turning EFB fibre into EFB pellet is getting many manufactures’ attention in Malaysia.  There are more and more EFB pellet manufacturers in Malaysia as we are seeing the demand of this EFB pellet is increasing. Air pollution is one of the […]

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EFB Pelletization Process

Biofuel pellet is increasing it demand and application.  In order to cope with the increase demand, many raw feed stock materials have explored becoming biomass pellet.   In this article, we are elaborating the pelletization process by using EFB pellet as an example to reader who is interested to understand this process. 1. Preparation Before Pelleting […]

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