Latest EFB Briquette

DST has committed in renewable energy sector at Malaysia, we has set our target to provide more

25mm Diameter EFB Briquette

25mm Diameter EFB Briquette

choices for biomass energy resources to local and worldwide market.  We have heavily involved in supplying of EFB pellet, saw dust pellet and biomass palm briquette.  On the other hand, we do study with the customer need in order to supply more choices of biomass products for the market.  25mm diameter of EFB briquette is one of our latest biomass energy resources.

Revolution of EFB Briquette

Briquette referring to larger diameter biomass commodity whereby pellet is always refer to small size such as below 10mm diameter.

Large EFB Palm Briquette.

The original palm briquette is manufacturing into 70-80mm diameter.  Through practical application, we notice many of the briquette being wasted as incomplete combustion happened in the biomass chamber.

Hollow Type EFB Palm Briquette.

The dense inner part is the area always is hard in combustion because of insufficient air flow.  In order to improve the situation, pressed machine has been re-design whereby the briquette comes with an hollow ID.  The hollow type of EFB briquette does help the improve of combustion.

Smaller size EFB palm briquette.

Pellet size comparison

Pellet size comparison

25mm diameter is one of the smaller size briquette.  EFB palm fibre length has been studied and calculated before the 25mm diameter being determined.  The 25mm EFB palm briquette is one of the optimum briquetting process which able to maintain smoother briquetting process.

Why 25mm EFB Briquette?

The 25mm EFB briquette is developed with a few objectives:

Suitable to most biomass input grating system.

The smaller of briquette is definitely more forgiving while coming to biomass boiler input grate system.   Most of the industrial biomass boiler is able adapting to this new size.

Optimum in briquetting process.

25mm is the balance between briquette manufacturer and user. The dry EFB fibre can pressed into EFB briquette with only shredded process.

Energy retention in combustion process.

The briquette is able to retain heat during the combustion process while also ensure complete combustion, waste of incomplete briquette is minimize.

Who needs 25mm EFB Briquette?

EFB briquette or palm briquette is always a good energy source for biomass power plant.  The existing biomass plant who using larger briquette can easily converted to 25mm diameter EFB briquette without any changing in process.

Biomass boiler who currently using palm kernel shell, shredded EFB fibre or pellet are suitable for this EFB briquette.

We welcome any inquiry about this 25mm diameter EFB briquette.

5 responses to “Latest EFB Briquette”

  1. Ketan Doshi says:

    Sir,Can you send me the details of Shredder for EFB Palm & pellet & briquitte plants?

  2. Willie Lau says:

    Dear Sir,

    You mentioned that EFB pallets emits low to no smoke during combustion. What about 25mm EPB Briquette ? Is it the same as EFB pallet ? Please advise.

    Kindly give me an indication price for the 25mm EPB Briquette on FOB basis (please indicate port) and also advise your standard export packing manner & loading for 20’as well as 40′ FCL.

    Hope to receive your feedback soon.

    Thank you very much.

    • clchuah says:

      We do not produce 25mm EFB briquette, unable to give you any advise. Theoretical it should also low smoke emission.

      • Willie Lau says:

        Thanks for the reply clchuah.

        Any possibility of your company producing EFB briquette ?

        Any difference between EFB briquette & Palm Fibre briquette ?

        Please advise.

        • CL says:

          The difference for these 2 briquette are differentiate by the fibre source.
          But for my understanding, palm fibre is more general term.

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