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Latest EFB Briquette

DST has committed in renewable energy sector at Malaysia, we has set our target to provide more choices for biomass energy resources to local and worldwide market.  We have heavily involved in supplying of EFB pellet, saw dust pellet and biomass palm briquette.  On the other hand, we do study with the customer need in […]

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Advantages of EFB Pellet

Scientis and engineers have never stop looking for new substitution energy source, especially explore the possibility of renewable energy.  Biomass is one of the renewable energy which has been widely promote and EFB pellet is one of the new commodity for biomass. Not many people in the market aware about EFB pellet however they do […]

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EFB Pellet or EFB Fibre Material?

We know about the advantages about EFB pellet, but in this area there are still many company using raw biomass material, such as palm kernel shell, efb fibre as the biomass material.  Why raw biomass material still be used instead of fully converted to EFB pellet? Palm fibre is one of the common biomass commodity […]

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