New to Biomass Briquettes?

General Introduction of Biomass Briquettes

Many readers are new to biomass briquettes.  We should have heard about coal briquette which use in many power plant boiler.  Briquette technology will give direct impact on coal performanc

Palm Fibre Briquette - Biomass Briquette

Palm Fibre Briquette – Biomass Briquette

e, same for biomass briquette.

In coal briquette, binder is added so that the coal powder will be compressed becoming a large scale of composition.  A briquette is definitely better in term of actual heating as it will retain the heat.  In Malaysia, the biomass industry has developed biomass briquette and biomass pellet for power plant industry.  Palm fiber briquette is the biomass briquettes manufacture at Malaysia.

Biomass Briquette also a Renewable Energy

Raw material use for briquette is determining if the briquette is biomass.  In most of the briquette, people are using leaf, saw dust, straw and branch pressing for briquette.  Those are biomass material hence the briquette also classified as biomass briquette.

In Malaysia, we have another source of biomass, palm fibre.  The palm fiber will be used to fabricate palm fiber briquette.  The palm fiber will be inserted to the briquette machine and after compress; a briquette with diameter around 70mm, 200mm length is fabricated.

Biomass Briquettes and Pellet

There is an EFB pellet or biomass pellet which also made from palm fibre, both are available for biomass commodity market.  EFB pellet is normal a pellet size with diameter 6-8mm, however a briquette come in larger size around 50-80mm for diameter.

There are many comparison studies between biomass briquettes and pellet however both should serve similar purpose.  Because of it smaller size, biomass pellet is suitable for many industrial biomass boilers without special design in input grate.  Biomass boiler field engineer should check the input grate if it is suitable for biomass briquettes which come larger in size.  In most case, we could commonly see biomass briquette in biomass power plant.

Advantage of Biomass Briquettes

Biomass briquette is very good in term of retaining heat for the power plant boiler.  The dense inner core may able to maintain consistent burning rate.  However the dense core also becomes the discrepancy because of insufficient burning.

There are other designs of biomass briquette with inner hole, this is mainly to improve the air flow and ensure sufficient burning in the boiler.


DST is supplying several type of biomass briquette in the market, currently we are focusing in palm fiber briquettes for biomass boiler.  For interested party, you are welcome to contact us or drop us a mail and check about our biomass briquettes.

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  1. Biomass briquettes are solid bio fuel substitute to fossil fuels. They are made from biomass waste or agro-forestry waste under high temperature using briquetting machine. Biomass briquettes are used in various industries for heating industrial boilers and also at domestic sector as cooking-fuel.

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