EFB Pellet or Shredded EFB Fibre

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet

EFB pellet and shredded efb pellet both are classified as biomass commodity; it also belongs to renewable energy commodityEFB pellet is the compressed pellet from efb pellet machine by using

the palm fibre which distills from oil palm empty fruit bunch.  Shredded EFB consider as empty fruit bunch which only go through limited process.

For bio fuel user, which one should we select?  Should we choose EFB pellet or Shredded EFB Fibre?

Study the details about EFB Pellet and Shredded EFB Fibre

Shredded EFB Fiber

The oil palm fruit bunch will go through a steam process in order to dismantle the palm fruit from the bunch.  The empty fruit bunch (EFB) discarded from the crude palm oil mill is at wet and hot condition.  The wet EBF will be delivered to press process in order to squeeze the water out from the empty fruit bunch.  Later the pressed EFB will send for shredded process.

Shredded process is similar as a “chopping” process.  The purpose for the shredded is to chop the EFB to smaller dimension that easy to transport and act as biomass.  The pressed and shredded EFB turn out as fibre form but in larger scale.

Shredded EFB fibre is transferred for biomass boiler for retrieving heat via burning process.  Some of the biomass boilers do not requires higher energy heat will directly burn the shredded EFB fiber.

EFB Pellet

EFB pellet resemble to wood pellet, the difference is EFB pellet is the pressed pellet from EFB fibre.  The small pellet size is very much suitable for almost any input grate system.  Field facility engineer could use this EFB pellet without much consideration of input system.

This dense pellet is a common biomass commodity for furnace and biomass boiler.  Because of the dense structure, EFB pellet is easy to retain heat than shredded fibreEFB pellet and palm fiber briquette are the suitable commodities for biomass power plant.

EFB pellet or Shredded EFB Fiber

For Malaysia local domestic market, because steam boiler may not require high heat energy, shredded EFB fibre is selected because of price concern.  However for furnace boiler which require higher heat, EFB pellet is more suitable.

More over, the EFB pellet is dry and dense product which also favourable for packing and longer time storage purpose.


DST is one of the key biomass suppliers for Malaysia market, we also the leading pellet and palm briquette manufacturer for quality biomass product, our EFB pellet and palm fiber briquette has been widely used in many biomass industries.  For interest party, please kindly write to DST and talk with us about your needs.


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