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EFB Pellet to Replace Wood Pellet?

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet is not a new biomass product available in the market.  It has been promote in the market to act as another alternative of biomass commodity.  Unfortunately EFB pellet still not widely accept by most buyer. In this article, we will review the basic differences for EFB pellet vs. wood pellet.  Further more, we […]

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Palm Pellet Choices

There are many variety of palm pellet available in biomass market, namely EFB pellet, Mesocarp pellet, oil palm tree trunk pellet.  Among all, EFB pellet is widely known in the market.  Apart from the palm pellet, there is also palm briquette. The differences of Palm Pellet The main difference for various type of palm pellet […]

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Malaysia Pellet Supplier

There are many pellet manufacturers and supplier in the world, this include Malaysia.  Malaysia is a country with resourceful of renewable energy commodity, such as EFB fibre, saw dust, straw, rice husk and wood chip.  This has make Malaysia a source of pellet supplier. Empty fruit bunch or EFB has only be used as Malaysia […]

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EFB Pellet or Shredded EFB Fibre

EFB pellet and shredded efb pellet both are classified as biomass commodity; it also belongs to renewable energy commodity.  EFB pellet is the compressed pellet from efb pellet machine by using the palm fibre which distills from oil palm empty fruit bunch.  Shredded EFB consider as empty fruit bunch which only go through limited process. […]

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Use EFB Pellet as Renewable Energy

EFB pellet is a clean, low cost which able to provide high heating energy for home or industrial use. EFB pellet classified under carbon neutral product, or also classified as renewable energy. EFB pellet it is a compressed cylindrical pellet size with 6mm or 8mm diameter in general. Renewable energy is referring to the energy […]

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