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Well Know EFB Pellet Manufacturer in Malaysia

Empty fruit bunch or EFB is one of the common biomass commodity in Malaysia. Turning EFB fibre into EFB pellet is getting many manufactures’ attention in Malaysia.  There are more and more EFB pellet manufacturers in Malaysia as we are seeing the demand of this EFB pellet is increasing. Air pollution is one of the […]

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Factors Affecting EFB Pellet Price

EFB pellet product has slowly becomes popular in the renewable energy market, and we are very confident the EFB pellet will sooner get the higher market share.  We are slowly seeing EFB pellet price advantage compare to other similar commodity, such as wood pellet price. In order to propose a new renewable energy to t […]

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EFB Pellet or Shredded EFB Fibre

EFB pellet and shredded efb pellet both are classified as biomass commodity; it also belongs to renewable energy commodity.  EFB pellet is the compressed pellet from efb pellet machine by using the palm fibre which distills from oil palm empty fruit bunch.  Shredded EFB consider as empty fruit bunch which only go through limited process. […]

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