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Oil Palm Fibre Products and Biomass Commodities

Through-out our discussion with many readers, we come across several oil palm by products which causing ambiguity to some reader.  Over here, we would like to differentiate below few commodities so that we could be clearer what the commodity we need. By-product of Palm Oil Process EFB. EFB stands for Empty Fruit Bunch.  This refers […]

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Overview of Biomass in Malaysia

While we are moving toward urbanization and looking for better living standard, this has lead the increasing demand in energy.  This also apply to Malaysia.  In order to fulfill the energy gap, Malaysia government has come out several counter measures to encourage the use of renewable energy, this include biomass energy.  Biomass in Malaysia has […]

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Biomass Glossary

Anaerobic digestion: Degradation of organic matter by microbes in the absence of oxygen to produce methane and carbon dioxide Bagasse: Residue remaining after extracting a sugar-containing juice from plants like sugar cane Biodiesel: A biodegradable transportation fuel for use in diesel engines. Biodiesel is produced through the transesterification of organically-derived oils or fats. It may […]

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Biomass Energy Resource from Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is a fossil fuel export country, but this does not stop the country from committing in developing renewable energy.  Malaysia is a country rich in biomass energy resource, many materials can easily convert to biomass. There are several common biomass renewable energy in Malaysia, such as palm pellet, EFB pellet, EFB, palm […]

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Well Know EFB Pellet Manufacturer in Malaysia

Empty fruit bunch or EFB is one of the common biomass commodity in Malaysia. Turning EFB fibre into EFB pellet is getting many manufactures’ attention in Malaysia.  There are more and more EFB pellet manufacturers in Malaysia as we are seeing the demand of this EFB pellet is increasing. Air pollution is one of the […]

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New to Biomass Briquettes?

General Introduction of Biomass Briquettes Many readers are new to biomass briquettes.  We should have heard about coal briquette which use in many power plant boiler.  Briquette technology will give direct impact on coal performanc e, same for biomass briquette. In coal briquette, binder is added so that the coal powder will be compressed becoming […]

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