Implementing Green Energy in our Daily Life

Implementing Green Energy
Implementing Green Energy

Many articles were mentioning about implementing green energy for achieving carbon neutrality. Unfortunately, we are ambiguous about the implementation. We have discussed carbon neutrality in many articles, now we want to talk about the approach to achieve carbon neutrality. One of the strategies is switching the energy source from coal to green energy, but this will definitely incur an impact on energy cost.

Even though achieving carbon neutrality is our ultimate goal but we have to implement it wisely so that it will not sacrifice the overall economy, and make it not sustainable.

Implement green energy is a way to achieving sustainable Carbon Neutrality.

Switching to Green Energy

Renewable Energy
Solar Energy – Green Energy

Promote and encourage the use of green energy is a way to reduce carbon footprint in the environment. However, fossil fuel and coal which is more cost-effective than any green energy. Hence, bringing down the overall green energy cost becomes the key challenge to determine if consumers are willing to switch to green energy.

From the economic, we understand the cost is affected by two importance factors:

  1. Scale
  2. Productivity

If both the usage of green energy scale and productivity could be improved, then we have enjoyed the fruit of green energy. Furthermore, we will also reduce the carbon footprint and achieving carbon neutrality in long run.

Implement Green Energy

USA roadmap for Green Energy

We need a sustainable strategy while comes to implement green energy in our society. We have to set up a strategy in order to achieve a sustainable carbon neutrality goal. There is a three-way implementing green energy strategy setup:

  1. Green Energy Production
  2. Energy Transmission
  3. Consumer

This three-way energy triangle becomes a course-effect relation, any improvement will promote the growth for the next categories.

For instance, the improvement of Green Energy Production will nourish the growth of Energy Delivery. Furthermore, the convenience of Energy Transmission will encourage Consumers to consume this green energy. As a result, green energy consumption will become the catalyst to enhance energy production.

The Implementation Stages

The 3-ways strategy setup for green energy are the important pillars for implementing green energy. Let us discuss a little details for individual steps.

Green Energy Production

Solar energy is one of the green energy. Perhaps, this sector is the key green energy source. So, converting solar energy to electric power is a photovoltaic process. The efficiency of energy conversion and energy storage becomes a challenge for the industry.

The improvement of photovoltaic for the past 10 years is enormous. With the technology improvement, the photovoltaics cost is reduced 89% since 10 years ago. With the technology improvement, the industry is looking for half the cost in the next 10 years.

Energy Transmission

Energy Transmission
Energy Transmission

In Malaysia, most of the population and industry are located on the west coast, whereby east cost has less crowded. Hence, the east coast could be a good location for developing green energy production, this includes solar and offshore wind energy.

In this case, the transmit of east coast energy to the west coast becomes a challenge. In order to reduce the energy loss during the energy transmission, one of the methods is implementing Ultra High Voltage (UHV) technology. Current high-voltage transmission is carried out at 220kV, whereby UHV technology will increase to 800kV. Among all the UHV development, China is leading in the world for now. Our reader is advised to understand the situation in the China UHV video clip.


How we are going to encourage consumers to adopt green energy in Malaysia? You are right, let’s move toward the electric car. The government is giving incentives for electric cars so that fossil fuel consumption will reduce and replace by green energy.

The needs and convenient access of green energy becomes the driver for Green Energy Production.

There is no shortcut to implement green energy. There are many challenges along the way. This article reveals a method and strategy for how green energy could slowly come into our life with minimum cost impact. I believe, there are many other approaches while the time comes.

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