Malaysia Energy Resources and Contribution

In today newspaper 1/April/2017, Malaysia TNB makes an announcement about the energy contribution in our country.  Before we go into the energy contribution result, let me say something about my understanding about energy resources.

There are many type of energy resources in the world and I don’t deny fossil fuel is the most popular resources.  We have been working on new energy resources since several years back, and we are seeing renewable energy is getting more acceptance by the market.

Renewable Energy

Many engineering has been working very hard to introduce more renewable energy in power generation, this include:

  • Solar Power.
  • Wind Power

No matter how we introduce new new renewable energy resources, there are always gap in between.

Why Fossil Fuel

Many countries have been using fossil fuel since many years back, there are a few reason why fossil fule is popular:

  • Has been introduced in the market for many years ago.
  • Huge reserve including non-harvest portion.
  • High heating capacity.
  • Lower price per unit energy (kJ).

Even though fossil fuel is popular however it bring the adverse effect for environment.  Burningi fossil fuel cause more particulate or airborne particle discharge to the environment.

Fossil Fuel or Other New Energy Resources

China has been using extensive coal fuel especially at the northern part of the country during the winter time.  The country has been experiencing high PMI2.5 count since then.  Due to the significant increase of PMI 2.5 count, China government has no choice but to come out an administrative regulation to discard coal fuel for certain area.  Similar regulation also been garzetted in Korea and Japan showing determination working against air pollution.

Now Malaysia also increase fossil fuel consumption proportion in the country.  From latest report published in TNB, the Malaysia Energy Department, it shows coal fuel contribute 51% of energy produce whereby natural gas drop from 68% to 41%.

Malaysia is having many renewable energy resources in the country but from the data published, it shows the country has very low contribution from renewable energy.  What is the reason why the country still strongly rely on fossil and natural gas.  There are some power plant in Malaysia whi generate power from renewable energy, such as Maju Intan who generate energy from EFB.

I am not sure what is the rational behind Malaysia TNB has increase the consumption of fossil fuel, but I believe one thing for sure is that fossil fuel is cheaper in term of per unit energy (kJ).  Malaysia still considering a beautiful country with low air pollution, but the scenario may change about Malaysia Air Pollution.

Let keep an eye on Malaysia PMI 2.5 data especially those area surrounding power plant burning fossil fuel.

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