Dry Short Palm Fibre

Dry Short Palm Fibre is a biomass product from Biofuel Resource.  Most of the dry short palm fibre is used as one of the biomass commodity such as shredded EFB, palm kernel shell for generating.  However some of the dry short palm fibre could also used for other dedicate application which brings value to the product.

 Short Dry Palm Fibre

The short dry palm fibre from Biofuel Resource is collected from the palm fibre sieving process.  We are segregating long palm fibre and short palm fibre during our process.  The long fibre will be bundle and export for mattress application.  The short palm fibre will gather and send for biomass application.

Since the short palm fibre has gone through stringent cleaning and drying process, hence it could achieve better product quality for other application.

 Specification for Dry Short Palm Fibre

Below are the general specifications for dry short palm fibre:

  • Moisture< 15%
  • Length< 20mm
  • Bundle Dimension: 1.25*0.75*1m
  • Weight per bundle: 320-350kg
  • Calorific Value: 3500-4000kcal/kg

 Advantage buying Dry Short Palm Fibre from Biofuel Resource

Our dry short palm fibre has gone through a thorough process to ensure product moisture.  Furthermore, we also compress the palm fibre in bundle form for convenient handling and shipping.

We welcome any interest party could contact us and understand more about the product.