DST Corporate Profile

DST Technology registers in Malaysia since year 2010.  We are small and young company as compare to many competitors out in the market, but our dreams and goals is unlimited.  We started our business in Electronic Sector by focusing in cleaning solution provider.

DST Corporate Profile

Recently we extended our scope into Renewable Energy and Organic Fertilizer.

DST Corporate Organization

DST Corporate Organization

DST Corporate Introductory


Renewable Energy Division

Renewable energy has gained the remarkably attention from user.  Wind, tide and solar are the 3 most widely known renewable energy.  Biomass is also another renewable energy has that many people start emphasizing.  There are several key biomass material are available for DST, namely EFB pellet, Saw dust pellet, palm fiber briquette, coconut shell and palm kernel shell.

We think renewable energy or biomass should have better future as fossil fuel becomes limited.  Our renewable energy sector has getting more business share and market share since we establish the division.

DST is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia for biomass.  We do have our own facility fabricating the biomass commodity.  Perhaps we are planning to double our capacity by year 2014.

Electronic Division

The main focus for this division is at industrial cleaning process.  Our team member is able to special formulate the cleaning solution to work with the cleaning tools in order to obtain the best cleaning result.

Organic Fertilizer Division

Fertilizer is a necessity commodity for agriculture products.  In DST, we do have a dedicated team managing the supply of organic fertilizer to domestic and overseas market.  Our organic compost fertilizer is one the latest product which most suitable for soil land.


DST Corporation has shown a strong growth in renewable energy and other 2 division since establish.  We are looking to extend our product coverage and service in near future.  Feel free to contact DST to understand more about our products availability.