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Bale form Palm Fibre

Palm Fibre

Palm fibre has many applications, one of the highly consumed sector is becoming the raw material for mattress.  Palm fibre mainly used for biomass purpose now we have explored the market for household application. How to Retrieve Palm Fibre After the removing the oil palm fruit, it left over with the empty fruit bunch (EFB).  […]

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Oil Palm Fibre Products and Biomass Commodities

Through-out our discussion with many readers, we come across several oil palm by products which causing ambiguity to some reader.  Over here, we would like to differentiate below few commodities so that we could be clearer what the commodity we need. By-product of Palm Oil Process EFB. EFB stands for Empty Fruit Bunch.  This refers […]

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Palm Fibre and Palm Kernel Shell from Malaysia

Malaysia is a resourceful country especially in renewable energy.  Many people know Malaysia is rich in underground oil reserves, year-round solar energy, good rainfall and rivers, however biomass energy is often ignored. In fact, Malaysia is having plenty of resources of biomass energy.   Among Biomass resources in Malaysia, crude palm oil industry is generating access […]

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