Bale form Palm Fibre

Palm fibre has many applications, one of the highly consumed sector is becoming the raw material for mattress.  Palm fibre mainly used for biomass purpose now we have explored the market for household application.

Palm Fibre

Palm Fibre

How to Retrieve Palm Fibre

After the removing the oil palm fruit, it left over with the empty fruit bunch (EFB).  The EFB comes in wet form which is the nature of the palm oil process.  The EFB fibre will go through a shredded EFB process for further squeezing out the water and remaining oil content.  The shredded EFB will send for drying and separating the the long fibre.

Only the Long Palm fibre is suitable for mattress application.  Separating the long fibre and short fibre are very importance process as this going to affect the mattress quality.

Long Palm Fibre before Bale

The long fibre comes in loose form or in fluffy condition.  It is very bulky and not effective in shipping process.  Compress the long palm fibre into bale form is a mandatory process as this going to help more effective in shipping.

Every company has their own individual bale form dimension.  Currently we are adopting the 1.2*0.6*0.8m.  Base on our experience, the bale dimension is selected in order to maximize the storage ability in the container.

Once the bale arrived in user premise, the mattress user will unload the bale form long fibre and re-arrange the palm fibre to suit the mattress dimension.

Shipping of Bale form Palm Fibre

Since the palm fibre is mainly for export purpose, the bale form palm fibre is shipped in 40ft container.  Every 40ft container will load with 40 bale palm fibre with the total weight 17MT.  Loading and unloading the palm fibre in the container is a skill job.  We have work from all aspect in order to maximize the loading capacity.

Apply palm fibre in mattress application has becomes a remarkable innovation, currently most of the bale of palm fibre is exported to China.  DST is one of the exporter for palm fibre in Malaysia, we never stop our effort to persuade this commodity in other country besides China.

Feel free contact DST about our bale form palm fibre, and we are looking forward to work with you in this field.

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