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Natural Gas vs. Palm Kernel Shell – Steam Cost

Know that many readers are facing challenge on selecting biomass and natural gas for generating heat or steam gas.  This is a never ending debate unless we could specifically compare both commodities side by side within certain criteria. There are many type of biomass commodities in Malaysia, however we want to minimize the variation and […]

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Palm Fibre and Palm Kernel Shell from Malaysia

Malaysia is a resourceful country especially in renewable energy.  Many people know Malaysia is rich in underground oil reserves, year-round solar energy, good rainfall and rivers, however biomass energy is often ignored. In fact, Malaysia is having plenty of resources of biomass energy.   Among Biomass resources in Malaysia, crude palm oil industry is generating access […]

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Coconut Shell

Coconut is one of the major agriculture commodity in Malaysia.  The largest coconut estate located in Perak state Bagan Datoh area.  The tall coconut tree has many application, coconut milk becomes the major composition for food beverage, the coconut water is a refreshment drink, the fibre on the coconut is a good material for mattress,  […]

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Biomass Energy Resource from Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is a fossil fuel export country, but this does not stop the country from committing in developing renewable energy.  Malaysia is a country rich in biomass energy resource, many materials can easily convert to biomass. There are several common biomass renewable energy in Malaysia, such as palm pellet, EFB pellet, EFB, palm […]

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