Growth of EFB Pellet Industry

DST has been involving in pellet manufacturing since several years ago.  Especially while we started our business in EFB pellet, we have to spend substantial effort in introducing the EFB pellet to biomass industry.

After so many years, we are seeing people aware EFB pellet and know how to differentiate it with wood pellet.  More over, we are seeing a lengthy following comments leave in our post, especially we are seeing so many traders, manufacturer or even pellet machine manufacturer leave their contact here.

Now is the beginning of year 2017, I would like to put up the top 10 companies prioritize by Google and Baidu after we perform the search for keyword “ EFB Pellet”.

Companies Involve in EFB Pellet

From the Google search engine, the top 3 result are from Malaysia EFB Pellet Manufacturer, this include DST which having the website  The other 5 companies are pellet machine manufacturer from China.

From Baidu search engine, companies register in Alibaba is getting good ranking.  If we focus on company with own website, 9/10 companies are pellet machine manufacturer from ChinaBiofuel Resource is the only pellet manufacturer from Malaysia happen to appears from Baidu search.

EFB Pellet

EFB Pellet

Both Google and Baidu search result has revealed that there are many China pellet machine manufacturers in the market.  They are not only having good technology in producing quality pellet machine but also having good position in search engine.

EFB Pelleting Process

So many pellet machine manufacturers had putting their resource in studying how to manufacture quality EFB Pellet.  From their study, we believe they should be able to see the differences between wood pellet and EFB Pellet.

Empty fruit bunch (EFB) is the raw material of EFB pellet but it has much to involve if want to produce pellet.  After so many years working with EFB pellet manufacturer, pellet machine manufacturer has better knowledge on EFB pelleting process.  With the knowledge, we are seeing significant improvement on the pelleting machine.

As compare to the pelleting machine several years ago, most of the current pelleting machine builds with latest technology and improve on certain difficiency.  The EFB pellet produce from latest pelleting machine should achieve better product quality.

Potential of EFB Pellet

Even though EFB pellet becomes more acceptable in biomass industry however there are still a huge marketing gap if compare with wood pellet.  Entire biomass industry bias to wood pellet more than EFB pellet.

Even though Malaysia has substantial amount of shredded EFB, however only a small fraction is used to produce EFB pellet.  Most of the shredded EFB is used for biomass in raw form.

Since we are seeing more advance EFB pellet machine available in the market, hence we expect more people could participate in manufacturing EFB pellet In Malaysia or Indonesia.  With everybody contribution, we believe EFB pellet could have better acceptance in biomass market.

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  1. TP Tsao says:

    Dear Sirs,
    We are looking for palm pellet meeting European Pellets Standards.
    The potential volume is big.
    Please advise whether you are able to provide us this kind of product or not ?
    Thank you,
    T-P Tsao
    Seemsu Technology

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